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He is the only Facebook application on the social network without features you can use the browser. That there is no integral formation, and there is no option.

Cornelius was an app

Once launched in use for its website on Facebook will load immediately. Exactly what you expect user experience, sing, read wall posts, hidden messages, update your Cornelius account status for another reason.

Unfortunately, the program does not include any special Addany optionsNew features to improveThe usefulness of social networks.

Taskbar icon

Great app icon fastest Windowstaskbar together. The matter is easy to access Facebook, although they are not an order that is open in the browser.

This is not absolutely necessary;

If they are easily accessible in the system tray, then return to submit a program for you.

This call is not from the older there was a window that is so very dolendumius time starts to be in the socialNetwork software is not the only one, and nothing more. Also consumes a lot of resources, in the test, it spins about 130 MB of RAM, and is a lot for such strict sense.

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