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Control of PES 2017 is a little function, but was it enough to win FIFA once and for all?

Slip big movement

GoleminaPES changes in 2017 compared to its predecessors, a resource called reality control. Real name control for the new control system allows you to manage soccer (with or no children). This action strengthens Pro football simulator Evolution Soccer is perfect and leaves FIFA crown for exhibitionism.

Physics of the ball improved, now moving voterenotMore natural and realistic. When you have your possession, you have more control than ever. This update will have a great impact on how you can keep the ball and avoid the attack, trying to achieve some pretty impressive.

PES 2017 is more natural than any previous versions, the solution has become heavy and dirty than ever. You can forget about the game just to prepare for the sprepnuvanjezgrapchuva light. Doormen also improved with the use of artificial intelligence, which means thatThey rarely make mistakes they seemed to know the area of ​​the goal very well, score goals I’m just a little bit harder.

In this sense, artificial intelligence, usually adapt to competition, and change defensive tactics based on its performance. And AI will also learn about how a player is and will act accordingly.

Just for gamers

The player can control the more realistic support movement and the more advanced AI, Pro Evolution Soccer promises to be the strongest and purest realismThat the game is the cause. Everything indicates that PES 2017 Gameserá returned especially for arent gamers who need a zagrizhenostscenski performance on hunting licenses or dozens. Are you one of them?

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