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Titanfall 2 PC

Clean torrent Titanfall 2 PC

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About the game:

Titanfall 2 — is the shooter’s first person in which players can control the pilot and his Titan — exoskeleton style «meka».

The pilot has an arsenal of abilities that increase their combat effectiveness.

These skills include masking, coverWith a patent and parkour, as a sudden and double wall, with a leap range.

Movements can be attached together rapidly switch between locations.

Game mechanics are introduced kilkaNova game: mechanically, moving

The pulse blade, which will throw a knife, shows the location of any nearby enemiesBingo pilot holographic pilot, who mimics the action of the players to confuse the enemy,

And a hook that can be used with slings for players on the enemy buildings or where it joins.

The pilots have great naarsenal gadgets and weapons, such as guns, machine guns, pistols and bombs wiselyFights against the enemy.

Closely, players can execute their enemies, and performance animation moves towards a third perspective person, will

System Requirements Computer


OperatingSystem: 7/8 64-bit Win

Processor: Intel Core or equivalent i3-3600t


Hard Drive:60 GB

GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 2GB, AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB

DirectX: DX11


This version of the game is already cracked — self-installing and playing.

Further information, future upgrades and support for msg235280 #

How to install:

What to download:

— Open (executable file)

— Choose a location

— click install,

-Wait until the end

— Play the game with the shortcut on the desktop.

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